EXCLUSIVE: Miranda Kerr On Taking Style Cues From Her Grandma And Playing Second Fiddle To Her Pup

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By all accounts, supermodel Miranda Kerr is one mighty busy lady. In addition to being a mom (to both adorable three-year-old Flynn and Yorkshire Terrier Frankie) and a beauty entrepreneur (her line KORA Organics launched in 2009), she's fronted dozens of campaigns for both high fashion and high street brands—and somehow, she even found time to walk the Paris runways last season, too. Now, in a move that's entirely in line with her growing digital presence (she's got over 2.5 million followers on Twitter; on Instagram, over three million!), Miranda's been named the celebrity face of e-commerce platform ShopStyle. Considering her insane style chops—if it's possible, she looks even better off-duty than she does on the catwalk—we couldn't imagine a more perfect girl for the job.

Yesterday, I sat down with Miranda to discuss her latest gig (hint: her aforementioned canine companion features prominently in the campaign), her early days playing dress-up in her grandmother's closet and her tips for shopping for a new swimsuit (because, yes, it's almost that time of year again—sorry). Read on!

Lucky: So what's the last fashion and/or beauty item you bought?

Miranda Kerr: It's so hard to remember—there's a lot! Oh, it was a black pinstriped crop top and long skirt combo from H&M.

We've had a pretty snowy winter this year. What's your ultimate cold-weather survival piece?

My black Givenchy coat, which unfortunately got misplaced recently. It was so cozy and warm, my trusty winter piece—and it's gone now!

That sucks! I feel like losing a coat is sort of a New York rite of passage, though...

Yeah, it definitely happens. At least it wasn't my handbag!

Looking forward to spring, what are you most excited to wear?

I really love the white-on-white look. Tonight I'm wearing this beautiful white crop top with a matching lace skirt, which I love. Spring florals are great too—they just make you feel good when you wear them. And I love metallics when it comes to accessories. You can have a really simple outfit on, and then add a metallic shoe or bag and it just changes everything. I'm big on lightweight scarves and sunglasses for spring, too.

Finish this sentence: "I can never buy enough…"

Shoes. I just love them. I get that from my grandma, I think—she was always really into shoes.

Was she a total fashion girl?

She wasn't necessarily into brand names, but even though we lived in a little country town, she always found pieces she looked really chic and effortless in. She always accessorized really well—that's probably where I learned about how to dress more simply. It's all about a good shoe and a good bag.

Did she pass any of her amazing finds down to you?

I have a few vintage dresses of hers. Growing up, there was this one dress I loved—she had this old trunk filled with dress-up clothes, and there was this beautiful long red velvet dress in there that I used to wander around the house in, with this dramatic train trailing behind me…

I think it's pretty clear you were meant to model, then! So what's the best shopping deal you've ever scored?

Vintage jewelry of some kind. Probably these YSL clip-on earrings that I have—they were so cheap and I just love them. Australia actually has really wonderful vintage jewelry shops. That used to be a secret…but not anymore!

It's almost time to start thinking about swimsuit shopping. Any tips, as someone who's worn her fair share of bikinis?

It's all about what works for your body type—finding what shape and cut makes you feel confident and going with that. Personally, I love a simple triangle bikini, since it works with my body type. But I have friends who love a one-piece and it looks really great on them—and sexy! Swimwear doesn't have to be skimpy to be sexy. And actually, one-pieces are great because if you add a little pair of denim shorts or a skirt, it's suddenly an outfit. Beach to brunch!

We just did a story online about our editors' favorite go-to heels. What's your pair?

The ones I'm wearing right now—I've had them forever. They're the classic pointy Manolos, and they're my favorite. The tortoise goes with lots of different colors—and in certain light, it even looks black. They're just so sexy and elegant.

Let's talk ShopStyle. What makes it so great?

It's just very convenient—I'm so busy since I'm always working, but at the end of the day, after a job or even when I'm traveling, I'll go on and order myself something and just have it delivered. The functionality is simple and easy, which is perfect.

And I spotted your Yorkie, Frankie, in the new TV ads. I'm a little obsessed with her.

Everyone is. She's the star, she steals the show and she knows it!

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