25 Snuggly Mohair Pieces To Help You Survive Winter's Home Stretch

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Neck and neck with plush, touchable, teddy bear-worthy fur (real or faux), mohair* is in the running for this fashion month's most popular fabric. We haven't received a batch of street style shots from our photographer Michael Dumler (which, if you haven't checked them out yet, are amazing—see pictures from New York here and London here) that doesn't feature at least one editor, model or It girl bundled up in a slightly shaggy something, looking impossibly cozy. This winter, it's all about that staticky, combable clothing.

Still, seeing as there's roughly six weeks left before it will be—finally!—too warm for wearing mohair outside, there's not a moment to waste in trying this trend. Now's the time to order yourself a sweater, coat or jacket made with the fuzzy fiber—even if it only includes a small percentage of actual mohair. Just that little bit is the difference between a smooth finish and glorious, I-stuck-my-finger-in-a-light-socket texture. To get you started, we've gathered 25 great options in the slideshow above, all of which would fit right in with the front row crowd. Click through to bring your wardrobe up to fashion insider status.

*Just in case you were wondering, mohair comes from shearing goats, so it's not the same thing as angora, aka (very, very large) rabbit fur. No bunnies were harmed in the making of anything featured above!

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