Eight New Denim Trends Worth Trading Your Skinny Jeans For

The Trend: Boyfriend Denim

The Look: Slouchy and low-rise (but not so slouchy and low-rise that they fall off your hips and you look like Travis from Clueless), and cuffed a few times at the ankle. Slightly tapered is the most flattering leg for most people, but you can sometimes get away with a straight fit, too—heels help with that!

Wear It With: Something incredibly basic up top (like a white T-shirt or button-down), ladylike heels and a statement coat.

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Kuba Dabrowski for WWD

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Associate Digital Editor

Since I'm about 99.99 percent certain that you already own a denim jacket, chambray shirt and skinny jeans in at least three different washes, I won't bother talking about the classic denim pieces you need in your life. You're more than familiar with those—heck, you live in those. In fact, you wear those so often that it's starting to get a little boring. You're ready to switch things up.

That's where the eight new, up-and-coming denim trends in the slideshow above come in. You'll find each one provides all the comfort and ease of the standard Canadian tuxedo, but feels a little more exciting, less expected; you won't walk down the street and spot seven girls wearing nearly the exact same outfit. What's more, because I know how tempting it is to revert right back to a favorite pair of dark rinse stovepipes, I'm making each look super-easy to try: along with plenty of helpful examples for you copy—taken both from street style photography and some of the Lucky Community's best-dressed ladies—I've included outfitting advice for each piece and similar styles you can order online. No excuses, guys! Get clicking to step up your denim game.

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