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I know you love your skinny jeans and all, but boyfriend fits are pretty great, too! Click through for more on this style and seven more.

The Trend: Boyfriend Denim

The Look: Slouchy and low-rise (but not so slouchy and low-rise that they fall off your hips and you look like Travis from Clueless), and cuffed a few times at the ankle. Slightly tapered is the most flattering leg for most people, but you can sometimes get away with a straight fit, too—heels help with that!

Wear It With: Something incredibly basic up top (like a white T-shirt or button-down), ladylike heels and a statement coat.

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The Trend: Retro Denim

The Look: Ever so slightly '70s, in a sepia-toned Jane-Birkin's-private-family-photo-album kind of way. It'll have wide, subtly flared legs and—sometimes—square-ish pockets in front that don't really do anything but look awesome.

Wear It With: Turtlenecks, blouses, T-shirts—you have a lot of freedom shirt-wise, as anything tuck-able works. And unless you are Karlie Kloss-level tall, always pair it with a (chunky, never pointy) pump!

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The Trend: Patchwork Denim

The Look: Straight-up quilting or iron-ons covering everything from jeans to denim jackets to dungaree skirts. Basically, it's what you probably wore to Girl Scout camp, but better.

Wear It With: Prints can be tricky (especially when combined with embroidered patches—it makes the look too busy), but any sort of solid fabric is good. Feel free to mix in lots of color and textured material!

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The Trend: Overalls

The Look: Less baggy than the one-pieces you remember Salt n' Pepa wearing, overalls in the 21st century aren't quite so aggressive. And no one leaves one strap unhooked!

Wear It With: If the leg is tapered or fitted, any shoe you want; looser fits require a pump.

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The Trend: Mom Jeans

The Look: In case you are looking at these and thinking, "what's the difference between these and those boyfriend jeans you just showed me," here it is: the rise. Mom jeans always hit just below, if not above, the belly button because obviously no self-respecting mom would let her underwear show.

Wear It With: Big, bold statement pieces that skew on the trendier side, to prove the look is intentional. You have to commit 100 percent with mom jeans!

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The Trend: High-Rise Jeans

The Look: This is the easiest way to look like you're suddenly three inches taller. Just don't pick a style that's too slouchy (like the aforementioned mom jeans); the more streamlined the fit, the longer your legs will seem.

Wear It With: Crop tops (you'll get a little more coverage that way!) and anything thin enough to tuck in.

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The Trend: Distressed Jeans

The Look: It's all about looking like you've owned them for years. Whether that means a few choice rips or full-on shredding is up to you.

Wear It With: For any sort of eating/drinking situation, I'd go with a single-sole pump and festive blazer; otherwise, sneakers and a pullover are just fine!

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The Trend: Fitted Capris

The Look: You favorite pair of skinny jeans with a few inches lopped off the bottom. Sometimes the leg opening can have the tiniest of kick flares.

Wear It With: Tops with more volume, to balance out the tight fit. Shoe-wise, heels are the most flattering choice—while flats work for some people, those people are normally over 5'9 and walk down runways for a living.

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