20 Pairs of Printed Pants That'll Break You Out of Your Denim Doldrums

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Click through for 20 pairs of bold, in-your-face amazing printed pants to help brighten up those winter blues and zap you out of your denim doldrums.

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Right about now is when that dreaded mid-season style slump hits. There seems to be no end in sight to this brutal winter (unless you're lucky enough to live in warmer climes—jealous!) and if you're like me, you're starting to get really sick of your cold weather clothes. It's so easy to just resort to living in those worn in, trusty jeans all. the. time. (Although, there's nothing wrong with some really good denim, mind you). So try to brighten up your outlook—and the season—with bold and instantly mood-uplifting printed pants instead.

The thing with patterned trousers is that they're actually way more versatile than you might think. From crazy fluro tropical prints to classic navy and white polka-dots to arty, digi-print-blocking, there are tons of options. Not to mention printed pants come in so many shapes, silhouettes, cuts, and lengths that there's a pair for any and every body and style preference. (And those slouchy ones are so comfy.) If you're feeling creative and street style bait-y, wear the pants with a contrasting graphic top or coat that's complementary in color. Or if that's a little too intimdating, just pair the trousers with a simple chambray shirt, crisp button-down, tucked-in slouchy tee, or boxy sweater. Isn't winter looking so much brighter now?

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