The Queen Has Commanded Kate Middleton To Wear Longer Dresses

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Mark Cuthbert/UK Press

If you want an unbiased, impartial review of Kate Middleton's style, you've come to the wrong place. We're more than aware that we're prone to praising Kate's sartorial successes to an excessive degree. The good thing in this case, though, is that we're not the only ones in the Kate-can-do-no-wrong camp. But it appears she does have one surprising critic, and it's really the only critic who matters: the Queen.

The Daily Mail's royal columnist Katie Nicholl is reporting that the Duchess will "deploy a couture wardrobe of day dresses with lower hemlines than she has previously favoured" for a forthcoming state trip to Australia. This makeover, performed per her grandmother-in-law's request, is said to include custom pieces from Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley, two of Kate's favorite designers. In addition to the whole hemline situation, "she will be encouraged to wear the tiaras favoured by the Queen", which, honestly, isn't the worst deal in the world in the opinion of us common folk.

The Queen has also loaned the Duchess "the services of her most trusted member of staff, her personal dresser Angela Kelly"—which our friends at The Cut so cleverly described as aiding in "Kate's un-harloting." We'll be interested to see if these wardrobe updates succeed in making Kate slightly dowdier, or if that signature prim, femme style rings through. At least we know her hair will look awesome.

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