Take Two: Seven Comeback Trends We Never Thought We'd Wear Again

Patched-up denim is one of the main '90s and '00s trends I've been seeing on the runways lately. Click through for more fashion fad comebacks and easy ways to update each one.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 (Thomas Iannaccone for WWD)

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Associate Digital Editor

Number one on the list of excuses clothing hoarders give for their overstuffed wardrobes is that even the most uncool, questionable pieces in their collection are poised for a comeback. Trends are incredibly cyclical, so holding on to everything makes take two a little bit easier—less spending, more wearing. It's a fair argument.

My only rebuttal is, perhaps, that jumping onto a fashion bandwagon is harder to do the second time around. Doesn't it seem like a style regression? That's what I've been mulling over for the last few seasons of shows, which have resurrected the seven fashion fads in the slideshow above—all from my middle and high school days. I can't decide which is crazier about seeing my 15-year-old self's ideal closet walk down recent runways: that '90s and '00s style is back "in," or that I might actually try it again. For everyone out there who feels the same way (or even if it's your first go-round—you still want to avoid looking dated), I've suggested easy ways to update each look, so you're guaranteed to pull it off in a modern way. Click through for a fresh take on seven old trends.

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