A.L.C.'s New Handbag Line Is Kind Of Perfect

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While we'll be mentally restocking our wardrobes for the next two months, we're particularly preoccupied with finding the perfect, versatile spring bag. Soon to turn five years old, A.L.C.—widely regarded as the brand of choice for downtown cool kids everywhere—may just have a solution to our search with its new line of minimalist-chic carryalls. Ranging from about $445 to just over $1,000, A.L.C.'s bags are at once unassuming and undeniably luxurious. We leapt at the opportunity to ask founder (and onetime celebrity stylist) Andrea Lieberman about her inspiration, the ideal A.L.C. girl and her future plans for her brand. Read on for her musings, and click through the slideshow above to see and shop the collection in full.

Lucky: Were there any particular inspirations behind your new handbag collection?

Andrea Lieberman: Handbags were definitely an inevitable progression for A.L.C. Our RTW collection consistently delivers a sartorial convenience while adhering to an innate sense of cool that our A.L.C. girl embodies—this is her bag. 2014 marks our fifth anniversary and handbags are certainly a result of our roots growing and expanding within our industry. With RTW, and now with our handbags, we’ll be able to communicate the several different facets of A.L.C. as a whole—an understanding of functionality, accessibility and ease for the urban girl.

Where could you see someone carrying these bags?

There is a shape and style in the collection for nearly every occasion. The Hutton and Davenport are perfect concert bags—you can strap them across your body or comfortably cradle them in your hand. Then the Lucas is really your day-to-night, office-to-cocktail everything bag. As a mother, I can hold all of life’s little emergencies whereas our girls at the office are holding an extra green juice, a pair of Converse and their headphones. It’s a bag that’s meant to complement your lifestyle and your personality—a goal that is consistent from the A.L.C. leather moto on your shoulder to the tri-color Paloma in your hand.

Will there be more handbags in the future? (We hope so!)

Next season we’ll be debuting new silhouettes in new colors and patterns. It’s exciting to see the spring bags on the shelves at Barneys and Intermix and the collection will just continue to grow for fall.

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