EXCLUSIVE: Game of Thrones Girls Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams' On Their First NYFW

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Watching Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner mill about Christian Siriano's Fall 2014 NYFW show, you would expect that the two Game of Thrones starlets were front row pros. And while we weren't the only GoT-obsessed attendees freaking out about the youngest Stark ladies, we leapt at the opportunity to talk to Maisie and Sophie about their character's costumes (corsets!), tried-and-true hair tips and first-ever fashion week.

Lucky: What is one wardrobe styling tip you've learned from your character's signature costumes?

Maisie: Arya kind of has the same costume throughout, but she does wear these baggy pants and I actually took the pattern from them—the costume girls gave me it—and I haven't managed to yet, but I want to make some of my own. I just got the shape of them, which is bow-shaped. I love them.

Sophie: Sansa's costumes are fitted to perfection. We have about 10 fittings for one dress, so I've definitely learned a lot about how to fit clothes—including corsets and everything. I would love to wear my corset out, but it's not so practical or easy to breathe in. I wear corsets with all of my outfits. We've upgraded to a corset that doesn't do boobs, it just does waist, and it's the best thing in the world. I kind of love Daenerys' wardrobe, but I would die to wear some trousers or flat shoes like Maisie—I'd be able to sit down!

Lucky: What about your hair? How long is it right now as opposed to in the show, and how do you like to style it?

Maisie: My hair, right now, is a bob, but I'm wearing extensions. For my shorter hair, one styling tip I've learned is to include lots of texture, because if you leave it flat, it looks really, really strange. I like a lot of texture, so I use serums and stuff, but I like to use paste. I feel like that's really helpful to mess it up a little bit. I'm never really one for a super-polished look. It's not really my thing.

Sophie: I don't use extensions during filming. My hair is always getting straightened or dyed or something, but the good thing is the dye is vegetable dye, so it's really good for your hair and semi-permanent, as well, which is why my roots are coming in. It does a lot of good for my hair. I don't straighten it in between or do very much to it in between, and getting a regular trim.

Lucky: Is this your first fashion week?

Maisie: Yes, ever! I was nervous, but I was so glad I was here with Sophie. It's been nice to have a friend—we're so close—and we've been getting ready together all morning. It's been a really sweet experience.

Sophie: Yes, it is! It was lovely. All the designs were wonderful. He's a genius.

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