True Story: I Almost Beat Coco Rocha in a Dance-Off

Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief

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Me (second from left) posing with the competition—er—models.

The week before fashion week—well, month for those attending shows in Europe—means different things for every industry type. Fashion assistants are sending hundreds of show requests (not an exaggeration…shoutout to Lucky’s very own Elizabeth Burns!), PR coordinators are processing those show requests, editors are juicing c/o Juice Press & Mophie Juice Packs, etc.

As our editor-in-chief’s assistant, I’m making sure that every detail of every moment of the month is meticulously handled so that Eva’s globetrotting extravaganza is as seamless as possible. Models? Sure, they go to castings. But the well-known, most recognizable models? They participate in Xbox dance-offs in hidden, speakeasy-style model lounges, like Modellounge X Microsoft. As a non-model commoner, I didn’t realize these existed. But now, thanks to the model vs. fashion editor Xbox NYFW Dance Challenge, I know at least one does.

I was the Lucky/lucky tribute to be paired with the model that is not only my biggest source of hair inspiration, but also the coolest, chicest, and nicest: Soo Joo Park. Not to mention her Tom Ford and Chanel campaigns. Each pair would play one round, and then the two highest-scoring individual competitors would go head-to-head to crown one winner. Soo Joo and I chose the classic “Ice Ice Baby” because we hoped the coordinating dance moves would involve less gyrations than, say, a more current Justin Bieber tune. Of course we were wrong. That being said, Soo Joo and I really nailed it. Every time we perfected a sequence, a banner reading “FLAWLESS” flashed across the screen, which was a little ironic considering Joan Smalls (um… Beyonce!) was our competition.

Long story short, I somehow earned the highest number of individual points, so it was between me and Coco Rocha, who is an actual dancer. Coco, naturally, was flawless and won, but at least I got second place! Or is second the first to lose? Sigh. (By the way, thank goodness I was wearing my highest chunky-heeled boots or I would have looked like an Oompa Loompa standing next to these ladies.)

Willy Wonka references notwithstanding, a fashion week dance-off isn't such a strange idea. After all, the connection between dance and fashion is actually quite strong. Not only for models who have to do crazy stunts and look graceful on a runway (see: Coco Rocha's fancy footwork for Gaultier's fall/winter 2007 collection), but for editors who must be disciplined, focused, and abnormally outgoing in certain situations—like this one. I originally moved to New York to pursue a dance career, so it’s nice to know that the years, tears, and dollars spent on training have not been wasted. I can now say that I came in second to Coco Rocha! That’s definitely one for the scrapbooks a.k.a. Instagram.

Check out my dance moves below!

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