Six Lucky Staffers Asked Their Boyfriends To Dress Them For Valentine's Day—Here's What Happened!

Deputy Editor Leigh Belz Ray and Husband Kevin

HIS: "Leigh has the luxury of being a statuesque brunette, which means she’s equally gorgeous and comfortable in jeans, a James Perse v-neck and some Flyknits as she is in a flirty, feminine kit. For something like Valentine’s Day, I imagine she’d opt for the latter.

I started with the dress. She’s very fond of Rag & Bone and this cocktail dress is sexy with the splash of color that she always enjoys. She’s also very fond of dresses with pockets. So two birds with one stone and all that. She doesn’t feel terribly comfortable in proper heels for long stretches of time, and I love her in boots with a bit of a heel, so I’ll go there next. Alexander Wang is one of her favorite brands, so it’s a safe enough bet to pick something from him. The Anouck Chelsea boot is a great silhouette and this color has a little shine on the black. She looks cute with a big bag, so even though she might not need all this space for a date, I’d give her this Mulberry Bayswater in a nice gray. Leigh isn’t fond of particularly logo-y stuff, but I personally think this little Chanel necklace is fun and would look nice on her. So I’m picking it."

HERS: "There's something very reassuring and 'me' about a shift dress. I love this A.P.C. piece because it takes the simple shift and makes it a little more interesting with the v-slit neckline, front breast pockets and ever-so-slight flare. It's a super versatile piece that can be dressed up for special nights (like Valentine's Day) but also could work in the office with a blazer and tights. But for Valentine's Day, I think there's something romantic about a mostly black/white/red palette, so this great dress is the perfect foundation. I'm very ready for spring, but it's still extremely cold here in New York City. So cute outwear remains a must. For Valentine's Day, I'd love to cover up with this jacket. I dig the silhouette and wide-cropped sleeves—they add a little shape to my look, since the shift I picked is essentially straight up and down.

Jean-Michel Cazabat is one of my favorite shoe designers: his pumps just feel next-level sexy to me. And they manage to be comfortable too — which means I can wear them all night and actually focus on Kevin instead of throbby feet. I covet this grey lizard print—it goes with everything! I'm definitely a bag and shoes kind of girl. They have the ability to get me excited like nothing else—and they're where I'll splurge a little. I first saw this iPad clutch when I was looking through Cellairis' amazing new Lily Kwong Collection collaboration line…and I've been obsessed ever since. Not only will I use this to transport my iPad, I plan to use it as a night-out clutch as well. I love the soft brown pony hair and the little peek of the red suede lining. It adds a little fun to any outfit, including my Valentine's Day look. I keep my jewelry look pretty simple, but I'd love a little pendant to peek through the v-slit neckline of my dress. R is not only my married last name, Ray, but is also me and Kevin's new daughter's first initial. (She's Riley Ray, so a double R.)

I like a red lip even on a not-universally-romantic night so on Valentine's Day I'm of course going to go red. MAC lip pencils give a great saturated color, so I know it'll last all night. I'll continue the red theme on my nails. I can't decide if I want to go with a shiny red or add a little bit of sparkle. It'll be a game-time call. I'm pretty specific about perfume — I've essentially worn one scent for the past ten years. Until recently, that is. I met the lovely Leilani Bishop in Venice, California and am a new convert to her amazing fragrance oils. My favorite is Pikake—a beachy musk that instantly relaxes me. Kevin's pretty observant, so we'll see if he notices something different on Valentine's Day."

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Senior Digital Editor

If you spend any decent amount of time on YouTube, you've likely seen one of the many, many "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup" videos floating around the interwebs. They're exactly what they sound like: a female YouTuber invites her significant other—or, in some cases, her male BFF—to apply her makeup on camera, with obviously hilarious and generally French-mime-resembling results.

So what would happen, we wondered, if a handful of Lucky editors invited the main men in their lives to pick out their head-to-toe Valentine's Day date night looks? Fashion's obviously our collective forte—but would our boyfriends, fiancés and husbands be able to put together looks we'd love (or, at the very least, deign to wear in public)? Here's how the game worked: six of us styled our own dream V-Day ensembles, then let our guys pick out anything they deemed worthy of a February 14 evening out. No price limits, no trend direction—and no peeking at what we'd already selected for ourselves, of course.

Once the shopping process was done, we arranged each of the two looks side by side—and were stunned at what we saw. Not only did the dudes do a pretty awesome job of dressing us up for a night on the town, but they actually picked items that were shockingly similar to those we'd chosen for ourselves! Take social media director Virginia Nam and her fiancé Jason, who each selected sleeveless, cinched-waist dresses in neutral hues paired with statement shoes. Or associate digital editor Alison Syrett and husband Patrick, who picked looks in the exact same color combo (red and black) paired with delicate necklaces. And it's clear digital fashion news writer Maura Brannigan and her boyfriend Matt are in sync with each other's style—they basically picked the exact same piece of jewelry for their outfits!

Click through to see and shop the looks six Lucky staffers and their significant others picked out for Valentine's Day—and hey, let's hear it for the boys!

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