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Click through for 10 real-girl ways to mix up your layering game for the rest of winter.
Perfect in its simplicity, layering two solid-colored coats will help you stave off those winter chills while still looking put-together. Try pairing a boyfriend-style wool blazer with your go-to winter coat. As the day warms up, you can always shed one of your layers.
Try a cape! We're not talking a Gwyneth-in-Tom-Ford floor-length version, but rather a winter-ready wool one. It'll keep you warmer than you'd expect—especially if you take cues from Nikki (at left) and pair it with a miniskirt, oversized turtleneck and fleece-lined tights.
Layer your favorite (or even your boyfriend's favorite) hoodie under a jean jacket, and no one will question whether you just rolled out of bed—even if you did!
Button up! Add a long-sleeved button-up under a slip dress for an updated look that's perfect for the office or an evening out. You'll be able to get more wear out of your favorite dress without freezing!
Don't be afraid to layer textures and patterns! Layering that crop top—or accidentally shrunken—sweater with a long, cozy tee will keep you warm and comfortable all day long. This may just become your new weekend uniform!
Need to get out of your coat rut? Why not ditch the sleeves altogether and opt for a really long vest instead? Wear yours over a jean jacket or leather coat to create an effortlessly put-together look.
So many cute winter dresses, so little time to wear them? Not the case! Accent your winter dress with a lace slip or skirt to add an extra layer of warmth—and style! Finish things off with a fur vest, and you're all set.
Knits on knits! When in doubt, do what comes most naturally and stack those sweaters. Take a page out of Laura's book and stand out with a bright button-front cardigan worn over a dark grey sweater. It's sure to keep you warm, and that color contrast will brighten your mood.
Warm up with a fuzzy, oversized collar. Not only will you look exceptionally cool, but you might even negate the need for a scarf!
Miss summer? Us too—so why not pull out those tweed shorts and wear them now? Layered with tights, a fitted blouse and a blazer, shorts become instantly snow day-appropriate.