Seven Winter Olympics-Inspired Outfits Perfect For Every Wardrobe

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Yes, there are fashion lessons to be gleaned from the Winter Olympics. Just ask the well-outfitted ladies from the Swedish ice hockey team over there. Their jerseys seem to be the functionally-sporty version of a spring sweatshirt from one of the lines we love, no? From curling to figure skating, these seven Winter Olympic sports are packed with sartorial flair, check it out!

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Who else is excited for the Winter Olympics 2014 opening ceremony tonight? While yes, it'll be hard to beat the London Summer Olympics closing ceremony (supermodels! Spice Girls! ONE DIRECTION!), the spirit of the games are sure to be super-charged. Although, if you're like me, you might not know the luge from the skeleton (both of which look absolutely terrifying, by the way) and you're more into figure skating for the dramatic emoting and sparkly uniforms. But guess what? The Winter Olympics have a fun, fashion-y aspect, too—even beyond the Ralph Lauren-designed Team USA uniforms. Just google "curling, Norway, printed pants" for proof and click through the slideshow above to learn a little bit about the games through—what else?—fashion.

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