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Yes, there are fashion lessons to be gleaned from the Winter Olympics. Just ask the well-outfitted ladies from the Swedish ice hockey team over there. Their jerseys seem to be the functionally-sporty version of a spring sweatshirt from one of the lines we love, no? From curling to figure skating, these seven Winter Olympic sports are packed with sartorial flair, check it out!
While, of course, we are in full support of USA! USA!, we must give the guys from the Norwegian curling team a gold medal for best (and only) fashionably-coordinated printed pants on the field... rink... oh, ice. Well played, gentleman, well played.
Ashley Wagner will be leading the USA team in the figure skating competition with her slide chasses and axel jumps, plus sure-to-be stellar, sequined-out skater outfits—all which make us envision cute little fit-and-flare party dresses. (Sorry, couldn't help it.)
Watching a luge race is seriously suspensful ... the hairpin turns, the speed ... ah! So luckily we have the lugers' crazy graphic leggings to distract us as they zip and turn down the twisty tracks. Extra props to Japanese team member Hidenari Kanayama for his very appropriate Olympic-torch-themed uniform.
Team USA opts for sleek, fashion-editor-approved all-black for their speed skating uniforms. Kind of like a jumpsuit, right? Check out champion skater Shani Davis, on the left, zoom ahead of the pack in his streamlined, aero-dynamic onesie. Chic.
Badass bobsled athlete (and track and field-er in the summer competitions) Lolo Jones is one to watch over in Sochi. You'll be able to spot the brakeman on the wintry course, especially in her All-American red, white and blue bobsleigh gear. Sometimes a girl just wants to literally show her patriotism through fashion and the Winter Olympics is the perfect opportunity.
Team USA snowboarder Jessika Jenson will be shreddin' the slopes in Sochi, all while staying warm in a Burton-designed printed patchwork parka, which incidentally is one of the trendiest winter coats this year. Because the Olympics is all about fashion, right?
The fearless ladies on the Swedish ice hockey team clearly got the memo that bright colored graphic sweatshirts are the tops to wear this season. Of course, it's not really a shocker considering that high street favorite, H&M, designed Sweden's Olympic uniforms. (Hey, does that blue jersey come in my size, by any chance?)