17 Perfect Ways To Wear White Denim

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Shiny sneakers might not be the first accessory you'd think to pair with white denim, but the combo works! Click through for more perfect ways to wear your cloud-colored jeans.

Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen, via Michael Dumler

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Seasonless white denim is not a new thing. Somewhere between the first time we first started talking about the look in 2011 (and kept talking about it here, here and here) and this past fashion month, it managed to make the transition from questionable trend to wardrobe staple. Everyone in our office owns at least one pair of snowy jeans now, and I bet you do, too.

That's why instead of explaining why you need white denim in your life for the millionth time, I'm going to share something you can actually use: 17 new ways to wear it. Even if you already have some solid outfit options in your closet, the ladies in the slideshow above—a mix of models, bloggers and street style stars with killer fashion sense—prove that there's definitely a few more out there worth trying. Click through to refresh your white denim look now.

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