From Kelly Kapowski To Clarissa Darling: Shop The Looks Of Your Favorite '90s TV Icons

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We've rounded up our 25 favorite small-screen style mavens straight from the age of scrunchies and acid wash jeans.

Click through to see if your favorite '90s TV style icon is feaured–and to shop their style!

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Growing up in the '90s meant after-school specials were your Scandal, you owned far too many butterfly clips and when Cory and Topanga broke up, you were absolutely devastated. Luckily for us millenials, everything old becomes new again and '90s fashion is back in style (sans butterfly clips—for now). It's been popping up on runways for several seasons now, with DKNY and Rag & Bone sending out overalls and Marc Jacobs taking on the Teva-style sandal.

Of course, if you really want to get back into 1990s style, you have to go straight to the icons of the era themselves—West Beverly's Brenda, Kelly and Donna, Fresh Prince babe Hilary Banks and Clarissa Darling, to name just a few. They were so iconic in the '90s, but what would they wear today? We're taking a look back at our 25 favorite style mavens straight from the age of scrunchies and acid wash jeans and shopped out their style in a way that'd fit right in with today's fashion norms. Clearly, it would be impossible to rank these ladies (and one guy, for good measure!)—and also, who would want to? That's why our cast of characters is arranged in order of television premiere date. Click through to shop the closets of your favorite '90s TV icons!

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