15 Pretty Accordion Pleat Skirts That Go With Everything

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Whether it's denim, cotton, silk or wool, a pleated skirt always makes for a memorable outfit. Click through for 15 guaranteed fashion moments now.

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When fabric's been folded accordion style, great fashion moments happen. Tight, squared off creases are what made Marilyn Monroe's infamous subway grate mishap in The Seven Year Itch seem more ladylike than lewd, why we'll never forget Lupita Nyong'o's powder blue Oscars gown and the reason why Swifties are still talking about Tay Tay's "yellow skirt look." For such a small detail, people really take notice.

Knife pleats also happen to be incredibly classic and easy to wear, especially in skirt form: you can mix-and-match one with everything from crop tops to pullovers to button-front blouses, and wrap up the look with almost any style shoe (although I'm are partial to kitten heels—such a timeless combination!). Because you need at least one in your wardrobe this season—at least—I've included 15 great options in the slideshow above. Click through for your ticket to dozens of memorable outfits.

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