Angelina Jolie And Stella McCartney Are Launching A Line Of Maleficent-Inspired Children's Clothes

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Courtesy of Disney

File this one under: Dream Halloween Costumes From Our Youth. In anticipation of Disney's Maleficent, out this May, Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney are creating a capsule collection of children's clothes inspired by the film (in which, of course, Angelina stars as the titular villain). Maleficent by Stella McCartney Kids will include eight styles—ranging from princess dresses and sandals for the young ladies to edgy tees and sneakers for the lads (pictured below)—priced from $75 to $185.

"I've always been a huge fan of Disney growing up, as was my mother, and I grew up watching all the films like most kids did," Stella told WWD. "When the opportunity presented itself and I was invited by Angelina Jolie to visit the film set, I jumped at the chance."

This isn't Stella's first time collaborating with Disney, as WWD reports: In 2010, she created a costume jewelry line for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and in 2009, she featured Disney characters in her fall ad campaign.

This was an incredibly brilliant move on Disney's part; after all, who doesn't want to dress like Angelina (and have her cheekbones), be it little kids or adults?

Courtesy of Disney

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