A.P.C.'s Latest Limited-Edition Collection Includes Quilted Cats

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When you think of the word "quilt," grey-haired octogenarians, dust-covered books and whistling tea kettles likely come to mind. But leave it to A.P.C., purveyor of all things French-gamine chic, to thoroughly modernize the traditional stitched-up blanket.

For the first time ever in the U.S., the brand has reissued 20 of its archival quilts for a special exhibition at its West 4th Street store in downtown New York City. But that's not all—London-based designer Jessica Ogden, inspired by the textures, patterns and colors of the original fabrics, used them to create a capsule of accessories and household objects, including weekender bags, tablet cases and—our (and her) personal favorite—cat-shaped cushions and iPhone cases. "Cats are a little obsession of mine, so that one came quite naturally," said Ogden with a smile.

The project proved tricky from the beginning, as some of the fabrics the designer chose to incorporate were in extremely scarce supply. "It's always a challenge to work with small amounts of fabric—with some of these quilts, we were working with 500 meters, others we had 200 meters. If there's only a small amount, you have to figure out where you might be able to use it," Ogden explained. "And sometimes, we ran out of certain fabrics midway and had to go back and start over!" Of course, it's the limited-edition nature of these quilted accessories that earns them collector's-item status.

Click through above to see a few of our favorite finds from the A.P.C. Quilts collection—along with prices—available exclusively at the label's West 4th Street store starting today!

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