WATCH: Beyoncé's Music Video Director On What It's Like To Work With Queen Bey

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Remember that time Beyoncé released a full album and 17 new music videos in the middle of the night with absolutely zero promotion? Yeah, that was pretty sweet. After our near triple-digit viewings, it's clear that some of us prefer Bey's head-banging "Flawless" moves, while others saw something of themselves in her life-spanning "Grown Woman" video. I, for one, am devotedly partial to "Partition" because, well, need I say more?

In incredibly fantastic Beyoncé news, her team sat down with director Jake Nava, the man in charge of the many Beyoncé music videos and someone with whom she's collaborated for the last 12 years.

"Having been lucky enough to work with [Beyoncé] over the years on different videos, on different albums, I think that Beyoncé wanted to make sure there was a kind of variety expressed," he narrates at the start of the clip. "Perhaps the viewer at the end of seeing all of them gets a really, kind of, diverse sense of everything that she can be."

For Beyoncé fans (i.e. everyone), this is a must-watch. Peep it below:

Also, check out how to do the "Flawless" choreography—straight from her The Mrs. Carter Show dancers:

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