11 Dress and Bootie Combos You Can Count On All Spring Long

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Black and white Chelsea boots are best with this dress in April, but sandal pumps will work for summer. Click through for 11 more outfits you can transition to next season.

Kuba Dabrowski for WWD

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As if planning a good outfit isn't tough enough, April's temperamental weather makes it twice as hard. Even on sunny, bright mornings, your smart phone has an ominous prediction for possible rainfall and temperatures that'll fluctuate from 35 to 55 and back again in less than six hours. So basically you've got to dress for two seasons without looking like you did it in the dark—who has time to figure that out?!

We certaintly don't. That's why we're huge fans of a good ankle bootie and lightweight dress ensemble. It provides the best of both worlds: while heavier shoes make it easier to still wear tights and socks, floaty shifts, fit-and-flares and maxis keep them from killing your springtime buzz. To help you master the look, we've included 11 foolproof combinations in the slideshow, with options for every style sensibility—click through to see which suits yours.

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