So Obsessed: 19 New Brands, Products And Sites Lucky Editors Are Loving Right Now

"When I went to Europe [during fashion month], I received a show invite shaped like a cat head. Obviously it piqued my interest because, like the rest of America, I'm obsessed with cat culture right now—although, ironically, I am fiercely allergic to cats! Last time I was in a room with cats I was seven years old, and I wound up going to the hospital. I'm super-allergic to cats. I think that's why I'm obsessed with them—but that's a digression. Anyways, the invite was from a new line called Au Jour le Jour [designed by Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez] presenting in Georgio Armani's Milan show space—the most beautiful venue ever—which he loans to up-and-coming designers. He has a history of supporting new talent. Basically, they had the cutest faux fur coats that I am obsessed with—really bright, really crazy. The body is patent leather, and then the sleeves are this super-plush faux fur that's similar to the big shearling bombers that Marc Jacobs is doing. I completely fell in love—those coats are at the top of my fall wish list. Au Jour le Jour is definitely a line to watch." - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief

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Some women don't like to share their style and beauty secrets. Inquire about their outfits, manicures—even the apps on their phone—and they'll look away and play coy. You'll get a vague two- or three-sentence answer about how they honestly can't remember, it was so long ago…and maybe it was a gift? Or discontinued? Yes, definitely discontinued, so sorry.

The ladies of Lucky do not fall in that category. When we discover something that's truly great, we can't stand keeping it to ourselves. We don't just share it with each other and our friends, but complete strangers that seem even the slightest bit interested (or sometimes not interested at all—that's how excited we get!). That level of obsession is how we feel about the recently-launched brands, products, trends and websites in the slideshow above, all of which won't be flying under the radar for long. Click through to get involved before everyone else.

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