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"When I went to Europe [during fashion month], I received a show invite shaped like a cat head. Obviously it piqued my interest because, like the rest of America, I'm obsessed with cat culture right now—although, ironically, I am fiercely allergic to cats! Last time I was in a room with cats I was seven years old, and I wound up going to the hospital. I'm super-allergic to cats. I think that's why I'm obsessed with them—but that's a digression. Anyways, the invite was from a new line called Au Jour le Jour [designed by Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez] presenting in Georgio Armani's Milan show space—the most beautiful venue ever—which he loans to up-and-coming designers. He has a history of supporting new talent. Basically, they had the cutest faux fur coats that I am obsessed with—really bright, really crazy. The body is patent leather, and then the sleeves are this super-plush faux fur that's similar to the big shearling bombers that Marc Jacobs is doing. I completely fell in love—those coats are at the top of my fall wish list. Au Jour le Jour is definitely a line to watch." - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
"I'm obsessed with this new little toy I got called a HISY. Basically it is a remote control for taking selfies. I use it for outfit planning, but it's number-one usefulness to me has been to take picture of me with my two little girls. I am always asking their daddy to take pictures, but frankly he never catches the moment as I see it. I want there to be evidence that I was a part of my children's life growing up—seriously, there are so few pictures of all of us and trying to get all three of us in an old-fashion-method selfie rarely looks that cute!! So now with the HISY I have a ton of pictures with me and my girls. It is my favorite new toy!" - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"I'm always excited to try out the latest activity monitors. I've given the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Force a try in recent months. So when I heard about the Misfit Shine monitor, I was excited to see how it compared. I just started wearing it this week—but I love that you have the option to wear on a leather band, around your neck or clasped to your sock or waistband. It also doesn't look like an activity tracker, which makes it easier to work into an armful of bracelets." - Leigh Belz Ray, deputy editor
"While compiling one of our many street style slideshows during fashion month back in February, I stumbled upon this awesome image of Susie Bubble wearing a fluffy orange coat trimmed with horizontal stripes. Having been on the search for my own perfect faux fur coat throughout the entire season—and come up empty-handed—I was instantly smitten with the classic, kooky piece. As it turns out, Susie's coat was the work of young London designer Hannah Weiland, who designs a new label called Shrimps (Weiland's childhood nickname, apparently). So far, she's only done faux fur clutches and outerwear—but she's one to watch for sure. The coat I spotted on Susie comes in a few other colors—not everyone can pull off orange fake fur, after all—including a navy version I'm dying to buy. For now, I'm eyeing this clutch which, unlike the coat, I can start wearing right now!" - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"These Clare Vivier T-shirts! I plan on ordering all three because I honestly can't choose which one I love most. Très cool!" - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"Marques'Almeida! The coolest denim line ever." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
"Channeling my inner Sabrina has made me think, is it time to spruce up my domestic skills? So excited for my first cooking class with my boyfriend at Haven's Kitchen—stay tuned!" - Katia Kuethe, creative director
"After struggling for months between the desire to own an oversize leather clutch and my reluctance to spend more than $200 on it, I was so close to giving up. Fortunately, two days ago—right before I was about to drop way more cash than I can afford—Everlane came to my rescue by launching its new structured pouch. Sleek, minimalist and only $138, it's not only way, way less than every other style I was considering, but much cooler." - Alison Syrett Cleary, associate digital editor
"I LOVE Elle Sasson (I know, it sounds like a hair product!), a fun and playful—yet totally wearable—clothing line that just debuted this season. Definitely a line to watch!" - Noelle Sciacca, associate fashion market editor
"I'm really into neckerchiefs right now. I think I was somewhat subconsciously influenced by Marc Jacobs' Spring 2014 collection—it only occurred to me after senior beauty editor Maura Lynch asked if that was my inspiration—but something about a simple silk or cotton scarf wrapped choker-style (tied in front or in the back—dealer's choice!) around the neck feels eminently cool, super-fresh, and like a definitively downtown take on Parisian chic. I've been wearing mine with slouchy sweaters or form-fitting v-neck tees—anything goes, really, as long as the rest of my look has a tomboy touch, otherwise it can start to look (and feel!) a little fussy.
PS. I'm not the only one! Features editor Hayley Phelan recently styled hers with pale, boyfriend-fit blue jeans, a black tank and a sleek black blazer. Trust me: it was as awesome as it sounds." - Verena Von Pfetton, executive digital editor
"Lather is this amazing, all-natural brand with exquisite formulations. I've incorporated their latest Quiet Night Relaxing Balm into my bedtime ceremony: I smooth the calming—cooling—blend of botanicals onto my temples and inner wrists, and I swear it turns off some switch. I love the beautiful herby smell, the massaging of it onto my temples and the tiny silver tin that adds only an extra ounce of weight to an overnight bag." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor
"Sandy Liang. Many street style stars were rocking her crazy monster fur jackets this season. I want one!" - Hayley Phelan, fashion features editor
"Trademark—a super-ambitious debut (full line, complete with jewelry, shoes, and bags) from a super-amazing talented duo. I'm obsessed with everything—oh, and it's all under $500!" - Hayley Phelan, fashion features editor
"I love the new platform mule clogs from No. 6—the black-on-black combo makes them polished and more sophisticated than your average clog, and although they’re four inches high, they’re super-comfortable thanks to the 1.75-inch platform." - Liz Kiernan, special sections director
"I’m really into this new bag line, All Hands NY. [The designer] Jen Stilwell makes all of her bags herself, by hand. She designed her first collection in a portable studio she set up in the bow of a ship she was working on at the time. I’m currently deciding between this gorgeous, classic bucket bag (the leather will just keep getting darker and better as it wears) and this insanely beautiful shiny saddle bag." - Liz Kiernan, special sections director
"I am obsessed with a new app that hasn't even come out yet! NailSnap allows you to take your Instagram photos and turn them into nail art. I have already set aside my favorite photos to rock on my nails come April." - Amaris Jones, contributing fashion assistant
"Feit, the sleek Australian men's footwear brand, recently launched a womenswear collection. Right now, I'm lusting after their untreated leather trainers and slip-ons. The lines are elegant and ultra-clean—simple perfection! Since all the sneakers are handmade, only a limited number are available. Nothing's cheap—prices range from $390 for the mocs to $435 for the sneaks—but everything's more than worth the investment." - Joane Amay, senior fashion credits editor
"Rue Gembon is my favorite new site for stylish costume jewelry at affordable prices. All the jewelry trends are covered, from rockabilly jewels to unconventional pearls. Plus, the quality is incomparable. With most of the pieces priced well under $100, you can't help but pick up a gem or two." - Joane Amay, senior fashion credits editor
"I have a friend who is planning a wedding with a new website called Love Detailed. It's a clever and inexpensive alternative to a wedding planner that starts off with the bride-to-be answering a short questionnaire. Based on the answers, Dana and Brooke, the girls behind the site, will generate a wedding design package in the form of a story board which includes pictures of everything from reception ideas to dress designs. The best part is that they will make sure all the inspiration photos are shoppable, so you're not just lusting after a gorgeous image." - Adrianna Barrionuevo, associate fashion credits editor