Is This The Most Epic Celebrity Selfie Ever?

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Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres sure is a social media maven. Early on in tonight’s telecast, the comedienne snapped a selfie after taking the stage—but it wasn’t until later in the evening that she really out-selfied, er, herself.

It all started when Ellen stopped by Meryl Streep’s seat and noted that the celebrated actress currently holds the record for the most Oscar nominations ever (she's got 18 in total). So as an attempt to go down in the history books herself, the host decided to try to break the record for—wait for it—the most-retweeted selfie of all time. Of course, she wasn’t about to tackle that challenge alone—she quickly recruited a gaggle of A-listers, from Jennifer Lawrence to Angelina Jolie to Julia Roberts to Jared Leto to the aforementioned Meryl Streep (“I’ve never tweeted before!” the actress exclaimed), handed Bradley Cooper her smartphone and let him snap away. As for the resulting pic? Well, it might just be the world’s most epic selfie ever—and just 15 minutes after being tweeted, it’s already received over 355,000 retweets. We’re gonna go ahead and say mission accomplished, Ellen.

UPDATE: Ellen did it! Not only did is the above selfie officially the most-retweeted one ever (the host shared the news herself mid-broadcast), but it actually broke Twitter. Temporarily, of course—but if that's not a sign of one's social media influence, we're not sure what is. Congrats, Ellen!

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