EXCLUSIVE: Todd Selby Gives Us a Rare Glimpse Inside Fashion Visionaries' Studios

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Devotees of Todd Selby’s enormously popular blog The Selby always know what they’re going to get from the photographer-cum-author and web entrepreneur: inspiring (but un-styled) spaces, impeccable photos, and endearing, hand drawn interviews with some of the most creative people working today. So it’s no surprise that his third book, The Fashionable Selby, which hits shelves today, delivers on all levels.

“My first book was a home book and my second book was a food book so with this book, I wanted to try something totally different,” explains Selby of his latest endeavor. “I felt like the fashion world is full of so many colorful characters and unique personalities—it was the perfect area to focus on.”

Those personalities include designers like Dries van Noten, Isabel Marant, and Nicola Formichetti, as well as legendary vintage collector Virginia Bates and sustainable fabric designer Audrey Reynolds. Instead of photographing their homes, Selby focused on capturing where the magic really happens: in their studios and offices.

“I’m really interested in people’s personal spaces and how they work and how they live,” Selby says. “I’m a curious person so I think that’s a lot of what my work is about. [The Fashionable Selby] was about me trying to learn about the fashion industry and see how they create what they do.” And Selby is certainly passing along the lesson: flipping through the book is like taking a nosedive into the creative psyche of some of fashion’s best-loved characters.

The book is comprised of 42 shoots, done over the span of three years—none of which have been seen before. “I did this totally on my own, top secret—not for the website,” Selby says. “This is all new, exclusive material. It’s my love story.”

Click through for an exclusive first look at some of The Fashionable Selby’s highlights.


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