That Viral Video Of Strangers Making Out? It's An Ad For A Clothing Line!

Digital Fashion News Writer

Have you seen that uncomfortably delightful video of a handful of strangers kissing for the first time? It's at once painfully awkward yet surprisingly lovely, and it has what seems like the entire interwebs talking, posting and tweeting. It's a hyper-speed reflection of how an early relationship accelerates, including the clumsily sweet dialogue before and after any physical contact.

But contrary to what many viewers may have believed, the three-minute video, dubbed "First Kiss" and directed and produced by Tatia Pilieva, wasn't just some elaborately awesome ploy to draw attention to a social cause. Instead, it's an ad (a commercial, really) for the clothing line Wren, news the brand unveiled via Twitter this morning.

As Slate so expertly pointed out, the video is beautiful partly because, well, it stars relatively well-known models, musicians and actors, meaning these people are getting paid to be that charming. Do we really care, though? It's stinkin' adorable, regardless of who's benefitting from it professionally.

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