How To Get Dressed In Under Five Minutes (But Still Look Amazing!)

Click through to shop easy outfit inspiration for those days when time just isn't on your side.

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It's a path I've been down far more times than I'd like to admit: Thursday morning, 8:15 AM. My alarm has been blaring for the past 45 minutes, and I slowly start to wake up, realizing soon thereafter exactly the situation at hand. I've overslept again, and have exactly 15 minutes before I need to dash out the door, lest I risk showing up late to whatever important meeting/appointment/class/brunch is on the agenda for the day. How am I supposed to be ready on time, yet still manage to look semi-decent?

There is quite possibly nothing worse than being short on time and having to settle for sartorial expression in the form of whatever sweatpants I find on my floor and the first t-shirt within arm's reach. Fortunately, after many years of early mornings, I've gotten into a groove and perfected the ultimate formula for getting dressed and looking good in under five minutes. Click through to learn a few tricks to put together quick yet stylish ensembles, and to shop a few of my favorite combos, too!

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