Five Sweat-Proof Ways To Wear Fur In Warm Weather

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Want to wear fur this coming season without sweating or looking out of place? Click through for five ways to get the look right.

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Even through the grainy livestream window puttering in and out of focus on my computer screen, Prada's Spring/Summer 2014 show was a barrage of overstimulation. The walls were covered with giant murals of women set against a backdrop of throbbing red. Statuesque models stomped down the runways in pieces with the same motif—female face-covered outerwear, dresses and skirts—soccer-style leg warmers and technicolor Tevas. Britney Spears' "Work B**th!" thumped the entire time.

But as the show progressed, my scattered attention zeroed in on one singular detail: the coats—more specifically, the fur coats. Long, thick and teddy-bear plush, each one was beautifully crafted and incredibly fun to look at; I could already picture the street style paparazzi snapping Anna Dello Russo in one at a haute couture presentation the following summer. Would the style pop up anywhere else once higher temperatures hit, though? Forget about the Prada label for second, and think about how sweaty and uncomfortable it would feel on a sunny day.

If I'm going to wear fur in 60-plus-degree weather, I'd rather do it subtly, like in one of the five ways in the slideshow above. Including options for weather that's both merely warm and the type of blistering hot that makes everyone over the age of 50 tell silly jokes about frying an egg on the sidewalk, my tips ensure you'll be able to work fluffy and fuzzy fabrics into your look all season. (Of course, if you want to get a downy Prada coat, too, I say go for it—but maybe consider storing it until fall?) Click through for five simple ways to wear fur for the next six months.

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