How January Jones Majorly Pranked Her 'First Love'

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Admit it: you, like us, occasionally indulge in fantasies of seeking agonizing, merited revenge on your early exes. They may have dumped you via text message or suddenly withdrawn from existence as you knew it (i.e. "ghosting"), but regardless of the method, you don't resent them any less. Once a girl, always a girl, right?

On Friday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, January Jones revealed that she just pranked one of her first loves in a deliciously twisted way. Having grown up in South Dakota, the then-26-year-old Mad Men actress dated a man named Tony who, we learned, broke up with her because he tore his ACL and "needed to focus on his recovery." Yeah, yeah, likely story.

Anyway, January got him back, and good. Prompted by co-workers at his real estate firm, she gave him a call (after 20 years!) and told him she was taking a short trip to South Dakota to look at local homes as investment properties.

"[His co-workers] said he wore a blazer and he got really freaked out because he spilled coffee on his shirt. He was taking it very seriously," January told Jimmy. "I asked him to meet me in the airport in the coffee shop so we could talk about homes. And so, instead of me coming off the flight it was one of his co-workers with a sign of my face. They sent me a video of him afterwards with his folder of the houses and everything."

Go ahead and laugh: he's still the sucker who broke up with January Jones. He had it coming.

Watch January on The Tonight Show—wearing a sexy sheer-paneled Zuhair Murad jumpsuit—below:

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