WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Jiggled Her (Basically Nonexistent) Arm Fat On The Oscars Red Carpet

Digital Fashion News Writer

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

While last night's Oscars was chock-full of delicious moments, we'll be honest here for a minute: we just didn't get our full dosage of Jennifer Lawrence. Sure, she did take a tumble (yet again) on the red carpet, and she was, perhaps, the celebrity who was most thrilled to partake in the most star-studded pizza party of all time. But between her lack of red carpet interviews and laughable sound bites, we were left craving more JLaw.

You vultures! There's always more JLaw to be found on the interwebs. This morning, E! posted a delayed Vine of the 23-year-old actress first waving to her beloved fans in a way that would make the Queen of Genovia proud—only to be followed by a ceremonious shake of whatever arm fat she has on her bingo wing. Ah, there it is.

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