Why Does Kate Middleton Always Wear The Same Outfit On St. Patrick's Day?

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Click through to see Kate Middleton's personal parade of near-identical St. Patrick's Day outfits from 2012 through today.

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In case the crowds of drunken revelers outside your apartment this morning weren't enough of a reminder (No? Just us New Yorkers, then?), it's St. Patrick's Day. And while most folks we know celebrate this greenest of holidays by throwing back a pint or two at the local bar, those British royals know how to fête St. Patty the classy way.

For the third straight year, Kate Middleton attended a proper St. Patrick's Day parade—and for the third consecutive time, she turned up in a dark green coat dress, suede pumps, a gold Cartier shamrock brooch and a beret-style fascinator. To be sure, the Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning at all three appearances—how could she not, with her signature flawless hair and that enviably slender physique—but still, is anyone else a bit disappointed by her near-identical ensembles? We love that she re-wore the same Emilia Wickstead number for both her 2012 and 2013 parade appearances, but would've loved to see her experiment with a different silhouette, shade or even shoe shape this time around. (Or perhaps a look from our Lucky guide to wearing all green!)

It is worth noting that the belted Hobbs coat the Duchess chose for this year's parade features a slightly lower hemline than she's typically worn in the past—we have the Queen's recent request that Kate cover her knees at public appearances to thank for that. Still, that's something the beautiful royal could've achieved with a forest-colored midi skirt and blouse combo, or even a jumpsuit (OK, dare to dream...).

Click through the gallery above to see all three of Kate Middleton's three strikingly similar St. Patrick's Day outfits from the past three years. And let us know: Do you think she's just a stylish lady who knows what she likes…or is she getting stuck in a fashion rut? For now, we're going to chalk this one up to traditioooon...tradition! (Enter obligatory Fiddler On the Roof klezmer music here.)

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