Kate Moss Reviewed George Michael's Latest Album, Is Now A Music Critic

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I've always said that Kate Moss bears a certain resemblance to Penny Lane, Kate Hudson's "Band-Aid" character in Almost Famous. Be it the tousled blonde hair or bohemian flower child demeanor, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Mossy has always been close with musicians—she even married one, The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Now, the 40-year-old supe is taking her Band-Aid-ness one step further: she's reviewed her longtime friend George Michael's latest album, Symphonica, for Vogue UK.

"Like many of my generation, I grew up with his music," Kate writes. "His album was the first album I ever had, and when I was about eight and it feels like he has always been part of my life."

She goes on to describe how she'd often dance to George's "Everything She Wants," and that when she was 12, she cried when she couldn't get tickets for Wham's last-ever concert. Fast forward nearly 30 years later, and George himself hand-delivered Symphonica to her doorstep. It's funny how things work out when you're the world's most famous supermodel, isn't it?

Reading the review, it's evident that Kate is more than just a devotee and more than just a friend. Instead, she serves as a peculiar bridge between the two in which fandom mirrors the unbiased critique worthy of a family member. It's quite charming.

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