Kendall Jenner Just Walked In Paris Fashion Week's Most Prestigious Show

Digital Fashion News Writer

Francois Durand/Getty Images

As if dominating Fashion Month by walking in Marc Jacobs', Giles' and Givenchy's runway shows wasn't enough to prove to all the skeptics that Kendall Jenner is actually a legitimate model now, she had one last trick up her sleeve: walking in the Holy Grail of all Paris Fashion Week shows: Chanel. That's right, you nonbelievers. The penultimate Kardashian sister made an appearance on Karl Lagerfeld's highly prestigious catwalk complete with all the Chanel Fall 2014 fixings: bright pink eye makeup, posh sneakers and a chain-embellished grocery basket (per the show's supermarket theme).

When Karl Lagerfeld does army pants and flip-flops, we all do army pants and flip-flops. And that's why Kendall Jenner is officially, officially a thing.

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