Lady Gaga Wore A Dress Made Out Of Coffee Filters On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last Night

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So, are designers just creating wacky clothes in the hopes that Lady Gaga will wear them on talk shows now, or…? It certainly seems that way, if only judging from her get-up as a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s Austin studio at South by Southwest on Thursday evening.

After Jimmy introduced Gaga to the audience by saying that she could barbecue her own dress, she revealed that her dress, shown below, was designed by English fashion designer Gareth Pugh, internationally regarded for his aberrant and extravagant looks, and which came down the runway not too long ago at Paris Fashion Week. But what's really interesting is that the look featured an, um, not-so-chic household item: coffee filters. "Upcycling," she proudly proclaimed.

"You can do anything with your crazy ideas if you just put your mind to it," Gaga slyly told Jimmy. And later, as for why she chose the outfit: "I just really wanted to be comfortable for the interview."

Don't misquote us here: over the years, Gaga has worn a myriad of eye-rollingly ridiculous ensembles, ranging from stuffed animals to a legitimate hovercraft, but this dress' eccentricity actually makes it one of her more beautiful choices. Though we may have spoken too soon. Following this interview, Gaga performed at Austin's own Stubb's BBQ at which a "professional vomit painter" (because that is apparently a real profession) intentionally spewed onstage. Don't worry, she changed outfits beforehand.

Watch the first part of Gaga's interview below:

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