Lily Collins On How A Haircut Changed Her Personality—And Why Her Ideal Night Out Involves Bowling

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Sure, you've already read Lily Collins' April Lucky cover story—but there's far more to this bold-browed ingenue than what made it into our pages! We're all about bringing you the best scoop from inside each issue, and have pieced together some of the best tidbits from Lily's interview that didn't wind up in our mag. Read on to learn how the Mortal Instruments star's much-copied bob allowed her to "come out of [her] shell," why she doesn't care what the critics say about her movies and why her perfect Friday night out involves knocking down some pins!

On dressing for herself: "Fashion is a beautiful thing, but I don't let it dictate what I'm going to wear."

On trusting her "glam squad": "I don't like looking in the mirror before hair and makeup is done. I trust them. It's the same with styling—I'll try anything on, because they [stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn] have taught me so much. You can never tell, on the hanger, how things are going to work. There are so many things I would look at and say, 'That's not going to work on my body shape'–and with a little tailoring it can be perfect."

On her grandmother's incredible hand-me-downs: "My grandmother was a ballerina and was always so elegant, and before I even knew what Chanel was she always had these quilted bags with the chains, and quilted ballet flats. And one day when I started becoming more name-savvy, I looked at her purse and I was like, 'Oh my god, I had no idea that she wore Chanel!' When she passed away, I got one of her purses and Chanel chain necklaces, and whenever I put those on I feel like I'm channeling her in some way."

On her childhood style sense: "I went through a stage when I was such a tomboy—I think I was like 12. I wore basketball shorts—really saggy—with big t-shirts, Converse, and my hair in a ponytail. I still love sports, but I look back at those pictures and think, really?"

On her shopping preferences: "I hardly shop online. I find it very difficult to know exactly what size I’m going to be and I don’t like the idea of getting it and then having to send it back. But I love a great deal. I don't shop that much in LA—I wait to go to London or New York. I love Topshop, I love Bergdorf's–and I could spend hours in Selfridges."

On getting bobbed: "It's really changed my personality, I think—it opened me up a bit more to not hiding behind my hair, allowing myself to come out of my shell a little bit more."

On why she decided to work with Lancôme: "What I love so much about that brand is that it really is about embracing your inner qualities first. What I loved about Julia [Roberts]’s ads was her smile—it's very rare, I think, in beauty ads to focus on someone smiling. It’s not necessarily the personality of the person. Julia’s smile is so iconic and so beautiful and so radiant, and [I love] the fact that Lancôme embraced that inner radiance."

On how she picks her movie projects: "At the end of the day I can’t care about how many people do or don’t see it or don’t like it, as long as I’ve gotten something out of it."

On one of the best gifts she ever received: "This girl in Oslo got together with people from around the world and made me this amazing fan book, to read whenever I'm feeling down. And it works! I have it in my bedroom, and I'll look at it whenever I'm feeling not so great."

On her after-hours hobby of choice: "Go bowling with me, and I'll get competitive. That's kind of my 'What do you want to do on Friday night?'—let's go bowling. That's my night out."

On her (very wise) life philosophy: "Life's too short to get jaded, to not allow yourself to get excited by anything. This is not a normal job—it's not normal what I get to do, and the second I start to think it's normal, that's not cool."

For more on Lily and her style secrets, pick up our April issue!

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