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Lou & Grey may be a relative newcomer to the world of retail, but if only evidenced by its six-word tagline, it seems to have everything already figured out. "Clothing for a comfortably confident life" blazes across its website; its "Our Story" states that "women no longer want to choose between style and comfort, work or weekend wear." While breezy tees and dressed-up sweatpants have become de rigueur for both work and play, there's a definite gap in the market for a retailer who solely focuses on that easy, stylish aesthetic.

Until now, that is. Created under the LOFT umbrella, Lou & Grey specializes in texture-rich essentials you can wear to the office, at happy hour and throughout your Sunday afternoon couch routine. With prices ranging from $29.50 to $89.50 and including goods like tees, pants, jackets and sweaters, you officially no longer have to choose between comfort and fashion.

We leapt at the opportunity to chat with Lou & Grey's director of design Ardith Singh about her muse, musical inspiration and the collection's pièce de résistance. Read on!

For many creative minds, one of the most pertinent influences when creating a new collection can be music. Were there certain artists, songs or genres that helped get you into the Lou & Grey vibe?

Ardith Singh: Music was definitely part of the inspiration—contemporary artists like Tennis and Seapony, along with classic favorites Fleetwood Mac and the Stones. But I tried to focus on the woman who was picking it up and who she was—what she needed from her clothes. I wanted the collection to speak to the duality of her life; to be effortless and cool no matter what she was up to next.

Is there one particular piece from Lou & Grey that you think summarizes the line in a perfect, succinct way?

I personally love our jackets, whether it's a perfectly rumpled lightweight linen moto or the slubby French terry lace mix one. To me, these pieces are the essence of Lou & Grey, the perfect marriage between style and comfort. We also have a really amazing chambray t-shirt dress—effortless in attitude and silhouette—that will definitely be my ultimate summer go-to!

I see that Langley Fox Hemingway served as an inspiration for the summer campaign. Is there a particular setting or location in which you've visualized these pieces being worn?

For the launch of Lou & Grey, we didn't want just another pretty face We thought, "She should have a real life, real interests." Langley Fox was perfect—she's an illustrator with an incredible heritage—she simply embodies Lou & Grey in her effortless style. The best part about the collection is you can wear it anywhere—whether you're relaxing at home, running errands or going on a third date.

Of course, grey is a dominant color in the line! If you were to venture into a brighter color palette for future collections, which shades would top your list?

It's pretty obvious I am a neutral girl; it's the perfect base to slice in to any wardrobe. Right now, the collection is all cast in a sophisticated neutral palette of heathered grey, black, white, cream and navy. For summer, it's definitely more natural to add some color, so we've added fresh blues and a touch of soft orange. I also love pops of coral in the warmer months—I love the way these sit with my favorite heather greys!

Click through the gallery above to see (and shop!) all of Lou & Grey's dreamy offerings. To learn more, head to LouandGrey.com.

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