Mad Men's Seventh And Final Season Is Almost Here: Shop The Era's '70s Wardrobe

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Click through to shop 35 pieces of totally far out clothing and accessories that are available today, but could have been worn on the set of Mad Men's seventh season.


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Rewatching past episodes of Mad Men's first season—which was set in 1960 and debuted in 2007—serves as an interesting time machine in both the fictional and nonfictional sense. A baby-faced Pete Campbell had quite a bit more hair, a mousy Peggy Olson had those stubby bangs and a shoeless Bert Cooper's socks were slightly less colorful. Not to mention, Sally Draper has come into her own—both on- and off-camera—in a majorly stylish way.

With the AMC show's forthcoming seventh and conclusive season taking place in 1972, we're in for a fabulous 14 episodes in full-out '70s garb. If Megan Calvet/Draper's sixth season wardrobe was any indication, the hair will be bigger, the patterns will be gaudier and the pants will be flared-er. Things are about to get, for lack of better word, weird, and we can't wait.

As we eagerly await Mad Men's April 13 premiere, we've compiled 30-plus pieces of clothing and accessories that exude a definite '70s vibe—click through the slideshow above to both see and shop them all. Can you dig it?

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