Would You Pay $28,000 For This Dress?

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Don't get us wrong—we love Marc Jacobs. Worship him, even. Every season, his primary collection closes out New York Fashion Week with a bang; his Marc by Marc range is kooky, colorful and, notably, fairly affordable for a brand that shows on a runway.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of this (admittedly stunning) dress from Marc's Fall 2014 main collection. Dubbed the "Puffy Clouds Embroidery Dress," The Cut reports, the midi-length number is covered in flowers made from organza and stuffed with yarn; that fabric alone, which took three people one week to make in a special Swiss embroidery mill, costs €8,000 (nearly $11,000) per meter. Perhaps it's because of that pricey material, then, that this particular dress will be lent out to only a select few magazines and celebrities before being archived. However, if you just have to have your very own floral Marc masterpiece, there is some good news: you can special order the dress for yourself. The bad news? It'll set you back $28,000. To put things in perspective, that's the price of a new Jeep Wrangler.

So, which would you rather shell out for: a stunning Marc Jacobs dress or Cher Horowitz's car?

George Chinsee/WWD

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