Miranda Kerr Loves Dancing, Isn't Sure About Mom Jeans

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Miranda Kerr and Mary Helen Bowers model Reebok's new Skyscape sneakers.

Before you write off Miranda Kerr's enviable appearance as the sole result of one-in-a-million genetics, sign up for a Ballet Beautiful class first. Founded by her trainer, professional dancer Mary Helen Bowers, it's not only a butt-lifting, ab-tightening, burns-everywhere-while-you-try-not-to-look-at-the-clock workout, but one the model does every day. Factor all that muscle toning in with her daily health shakes and organic beauty routine, and it's clear that the model is no slouch. She works hard for that lean figure and glowing skin.

It's exactly that well-rounded approach and dedication to wellness that landed Miranda her new gig as the face of Reebok's new Skyscape sneaker, an insanely comfortable all-foam shoe designed for everything active people do outside the gym. I got the chance to test-drive my own pair (which, I must say, made it feel like I was walking on marshmallowy soft clouds) at the brand's Manhattan FitHub yesterday, where Kerr was on hand to lead visitors through a brief Ballet Beautiful session with Bowers. Afterwards—core shaking, thighs aching—I plopped down next to the model on a nearby couch (relief!) for a few minutes. Read on for our chat.

Lucky: You're well known for living a healthy, active lifestyle, but what about times when you just feel like vegging out? What you do you to indulge?

Miranda Kerr: Well, depends on the day! You know, what I'm feeling and what I'm craving. I just feel like every day you can have a little indulgence. I don't think deprivation is the answer. I feel like a little indulgence everyday is healthy. You need that balance in your life.

Do you ever just binge-watch TV on Netflix?

Not TV, but I do like movies!

What's your favorite?

The Big Blue. It's an older, French movie.

Speaking of movies, I know you just went to Vanity Fair's Oscars afterparty. Did you meet anyone exciting?

Well, there were so many interesting people in the room! It was just fun because everyone was able to let their hair down and enjoy themselves—and dance! I love to dance!

Any particular type?

Just dance. Be free! I believe that everyone has their own rhythm, so it's just about enjoying that.

Now that it's finally starting to warm up, is there anything you've bought for springor plan on buyingthat you're especially excited to wear?

I love long skirts, and long dresses. And hats, and sunglasses. I love fabrics that are a little bit sheer, but cover the right parts.

What's you favorite place to shop for those things?

It's hard to say, because there are so many new things coming out. I'm very much a tactile person who likes to see things [first]. I think things can translate different in a picture, so I like to go in and touch the fabrics. And I'm lucky because when I'm on photoshoots I get to see a lot of new things that are coming out. So, very much an in-the-moment kind of person. If I see something and I'm like, "Oh, that feels good!" then I buy it!

So you're not a big online shopper, then.

Well I like online shopping, if I've already seen it and I know the product's good. I like to order beauty products, or things I don't necessary need to know how they fit on my body.

Since I think of you as someone who's not afraid to take a fashion risk, I'd love to know what you think of some of this season's trickier trends. I'm going to name a few and you tell me what you think. First up: socks with sandals.

Socks with sandals? It's very cute, I'm not opposed to it. I'm not sure if I'll necessarily be wearing them, but I have done it for photoshoots!


I like overalls.

Mom jeans.

[looks confused] Mom jeans?

You know, they're a little high-waisted, sort of stiff...a little awkward.

Are they high-waisted baggy or high-waisted tight?

Straight leg, and a little bit cropped.

Like Audrey Hepburn style?

Um, looser than that.

Maybe not. Well, I probably wear them and don't even realize they're called mom jeans!

They're sort of like boyfriend jeans but higher-waisted.

I don't mind that!

So you're into it?

Well…never say never! You know, I'm one to experiment—if they feel good! Well, I'm going to have to buy myself a pair of mom jeans, now that I'm a mom.

You should! How do you feel about crop tops?

I like them for the right occasion. Definitely has to be the right occasion. But they can be cute!

And one more spring question: have you been switching your beauty routine for the changing weather?

Yes, a lot! I like to dry body brush everyday to stimulate the lymphatic system. Then I apply my rosehip oil [from my line KORA Organics]—it's amazing—all over my body. It's rich in essential fatty acids and really rehydrates the skin. Same for the face: I use it every night.

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