The Return Of The Face: Naomi Campbell Talks Truth-Telling And Fendi Fur

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If you're going to have one fashion fixture on your side, it's Naomi Campbell. Well, Karl Lagerfeld wouldn't necessarily hurt, nor would Alexander Wang… and Kate Moss, obviously—okay, okay, time to get back on track. But, it's undeniable that no one else has the moxie nor the resume that Naomi has, so when it comes to her show The Face, she's the mentor to beat.

As a returning mentor (and executive producer) on the second season of the Oxygen series, Naomi is all about whipping aspiring supermodels into shape. On last night's season premiere, we were also introduced to two new supermodel coaches, Lydia Hearst and Anne V, who share Naomi's lofty end-goal: once the season ends, their models-in-training will be ready to hit the casting world with a lookbook in-hand—and a seriously impressive rolodex to boot.

We briefly chatted with Naomi to discuss this season's impressive cast of future supes, as well as a few career and sartorial tips, too.

Lucky: You've worked with some amazing fashion staples throughout your career. Has there been one styling tip you've learned that continues to stick with you?

Naomi: There's been so many people I've been fortunate to work with through my 28 years, but the most importantly thing has been to be comfortable with what you're wearing.

Lucky: How can we expect the second season to differ from the first?

Naomi: The second season shows much more skill. I think that's what I loved about this season: the skills were much more challenging, so that we really got to go through the motions with our teams. The priority of the show is about the girls. When they leave The Face, they will be able to incorporate what they've learned into their life.

Lucky: Is there a particular trait you like to emphasize with your girls?

Naomi: Never lie if they don't know something; the truth will always come out. Do the best that you can, and give it your all absolute best so that you know you've given it your all and that's the best you can do.

Lucky: And in light of this Polar Vortex weather here in New York, how do you like to liven up an outfit when it's crazy cold?

Naomi: Fendi fur.

You can catch Oxygen's The Face on Wednesdays every week at 10 pm.

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