Dear Lucky: 'Will Neon Colors and Color-Blocking Be Important For Spring?'

Executive Beauty Director

Q Will neon colors and color-blocking be important for spring? —@lashawnamoore

A Dear @lashawnamoore, Fashion director Anne Keane loves both these trends for spring—especially the neon. “So many designers are embracing these sporty, color-saturated looks, and they’re so fun to wear,” she said, waving toward the rack of clothes we were passing by. (Lucky’s hallways are literally lined with racks of clothes; if the current racks are any sort of barometer, the color for spring is … major color!) “The neon started out in accessories, but now that techie, color-saturated feel is moving into clothes. I love it, especially for day, especially when it’s a little surf-like at Tommy Hilfiger.”

Re: color-blocking, Anne was equally enthusiastic—as was … Tommy Hilfiger. “Color-blocking has evolved into more of a patchwork sort of thing,” said Anne, pulling out a neon-patchworked panel on a pair of Hilfiger shorts. Think neon, think color in general, think color-blocking, patchwork, neoprene … think of a late-’80s beach, and you’re definitely in the zone.

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