Six Unexpected Ways To Wear Pastels

Look #1: Clash of the Titans

You know how the right dissonant chord perfectly placed in a song takes it from good to "I'm going to lay on my back and listen to this 100 times in a row like a brooding teenager" amazing? Well, the same logic applies here: a zing of clashing color makes any outfit more exciting. But be judicious about how many new shades you introduce; too many will take the look from cool to crazy.

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Anya Ziourova (Film Magic), Veronika Heillbrunner (Getty Images), Danielle Bernstein (Michael Dumler)

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Let's say you're on an episode of Chopped, but instead of mystery ingredients, everyone gets a box of pastel clothing; in place of the pantry is a well-stocked wardrobe. The challenge: to create inspiring outfits based on mint, lavender, blush and butter. What's your game plan?

If throwing some silver, white and additional Jordan almond-colored pieces in the mix is the first thing that comes to mind, think again. While that's a solid way to go, it's way too safe to stand out—everyone wears pastels that way. To win this thing, you've got to think like one of the street style stars in the slideshow above, all of whom have found a fresh, exciting way to wear soft muted shades. I've categorized their looks into six easy-to-follow formulas—click through try each one now.

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