News Flash: Taylor Swift Takes Selfies With Ina Garten In The Hamptons


via Instagram/@taylorswift

Another day, another BFF conquest by Taylor Swift. Earlier, Taylor posted this photo on Instagram of herself and the Ina Garten alledgedly cooking together in the Hamptons. So, what exactly are T-Swift and the Barefoot Contessa doing hanging out? Our bet: it's for a summertime photo shoot—note Tay's bare shoulders. [Hollywood Life]

Kim Kardashian wore a turtleneck crop-top and matching pencil skirt made of what appears to be "aluminum foil and chain metal." #fashion [The Cut]

Rooney Mara is cast as Tiger Lily in an upcoming Warner Bros. remake of Peter Pan, controvery ensues. [Refinery 29]

André Leon Talley has stepped down as editor-at-large of Numéro Russia after a year in a decision that was reportedly "mutually agreed upon" between himself and the magazine's publisher. [Fashionista]

Under Armour, beware! Adidas is launching Climachill, a techonology soon to be included in its activewear that provides an immediate cooling sensation to help athletes better perform in warm temperatures. [WWD]

Reese Witherspoon Is Launching A Mystery Lifestyle Company

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