News Flash: Obama And His Dad Jeans, A Retrospective


Between filming episodes of Between Two Ferns and promoting the March 31 deadline of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama has been a busy man lately. But despite a jam-packed scheduled worthy of, well, the POTUS, his jeans are always on point. Behold, a look back at how his denim game has changed over the years. [The Cut]

A model is suing Playboy for using her butt as a golf tee. [Gawker]

Karl Lagerfeld on the selfie: "They're electronic masturbation." Listen up, people: the Kaiser has spoken! [ModMods]

Someone tested Forever 21's new makeup (makeup, who knew?), and the results are in! The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. [The Huffington Post]

On last night's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon mocked the now-infamous "First Kiss" video but with puppies and kittens. Happy Friday, y'all! [Us Weekly]

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