News Flash: Watch Edie Campbell And Karen Elson Play With Big Cats For Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton is taking this hyper-luxury" thing a bit more literally than we originally thought. In its latest fashion film, shot by Peter Lindbergh, Edie Campbell and Karen Elson play with big cats while wearing LV designs. And this is hyper-luxury because, well—do you know how expensive those leopards must be? [YouTube]

When Kate Middleton renovated Kensington Palace last year, she opted for an all-purple-everything theme. Reasons: she was a) pregnant, and b) on a crazy purple kick—and is now heavily regretting that decision. Thanks, hormones. [Vanity Fair]

President Obama wore a Canadian tuxedo this weekend while on a phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin this weekend—because isn't that what you're wearing whilst chatting on the phone on a Sunday? [Details]

Hey, just a heads up, guys: the monocle is the latest fashion craze to sweep hipster-ville. (No, this is not from The Onion.) [The New York Times]

Vivienne Westwood has awesomely shaved her head to protest climate change. [The Cut]

Mary-Kate Olsen's enormous engagement ring is a vintage Cartier rock from 1953, and it reportedly was purchased for $81,000 at a jewelry auction at Sotheby's. [Styleite]


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