Packing Guide: One Small Carry-on, 12 Perfect Outfits

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Only bringing one suitcase on vacation? No problem! All you need are the following 12 mix-and-matchable pieces. Click through for your ultimate spring break packing guide.

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Huzzah! After what felt like the longest, coldest, snowiest winter in all of world history—no, but seriously—it's finally time for a spring break vacation! To help you prepare for this much needed getaway, I've put together the ultimate dozen-piece packing guide for most any locale that's a not an 85-degree beach (because all you really need for that is a really great bikini and coverup) or blizzard-ridden Scandinavia (although why would you go there after the season we just had?!). Even when you factor in toiletries and pjs, everything should fit in a standard-size carryon, so no bummers like lost luggage or excess baggage will ruin your trip.

Then, once you arrive at your destination of choice (where are you going? Las Vegas? London? Paris? Oh, I hope it's Paris!), just consult the 12 perfect outfits I've pre-styled for you in the slideshow above before getting dressed. Ranging from hotel restaurant-polished to comfortable enough for a day of museum hopping, my picks include an option for whatever you've got planned, and any spontaneous, unplanned Passport to Paris-style motorbike rides with cute boys (as you might guess, I'm still stuck on the idea that you're going to Paris). Click through to make your vacation planning process a little easier.

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