Seven Style And Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week


Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

1. You local drugstore is a treasure trove of affordable—and effective!—beauty products.

2. Menswear suiting is tough to pull off, but not impossible (and the extra effort is worth it, trust us!).

3. If you only buy one pair of sneakers this spring, it better be a pure, snowy white style.

4. High-waisted pants and cropped pullovers are an A-plus combination.

5. Circle midi skirts have the same mood-enhancing effect as waking up from 10 hours of sleep on a sunny 75-degree day with nothing on your agenda but getting pistachio gelato and hitting up Saks' shoe floor.

6. All you need to wear your mini dress year-round is a few layering pieces and these seven tips.

7. Ladies with glowing, luminous skin usually use facial essences before bed.

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