WATCH: Shailene Woodley Got Rid Of All Her Belongings And Couch-Surfed After Divergent Wrapped

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In case you ever had any doubt that Shailene Woodley wasn't a total tree-hugger type, there's yet another piece of fuel to add to that fire—a fire which, we feel obligated to state, wouldn't contribute to global warming, like, in the slightest.

In an appearance on Thursday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, the 22-year-old actress revealed that she got rid of nearly all her belongings after she wrapped Divergent last year as an intense form of detox.

"I cruised and I hung out with my friends and family. I got rid of everything I owned," she told an intrigued Seth. "I got rid of my cell phone, and I fit my life into a carry-on suitcase and I just couch-surfed for two months. It was awesome."

Shailene also revealed that she took an urban survivalist course while shooting the film in Chicago: "I've studied indigenous cultures for a really long time and got really into wilderness skills, but I realized that as much as I knew how to make fire and build shelter, I was like, 'I live in Los Angeles and I'm surrounded by buildings. Fire's not going to do me any good.'"

Let's recap. So far, she's covered all the beginning-to-intermediate hippie bases: making her own toothpaste, harvesting water, eating clay, freeganism, treating her lady parts with vitamin D, favoring overalls, etc. What could possibly be next? Oh, there will be something. We're sure of it.

Watch Shailene's full Late Night With Seth Meyers interview below:

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