Dear Lucky: 'What Will Be The Go-To Color For Spring 2014?'

Executive Beauty Director

Q What will be the go-to color for spring 2014? Will darker colors from winter transition over? —@kaylakthomps

A Dear @kaylakthomps, The It Color of spring, the fashion department agrees, is hunter green. “Think of it as the new navy,” enthused accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff, holding up a gorgeous green satchel bag from Coach.

“It’s sort of … the new oxblood,” said executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan, casting a jaundiced eye toward the oxblood boots she was wearing. “Forest green,” she said, looking down at them intently. “It just feels so cool all of a sudden. So unexpected for spring.” Alexis loved forest green at “Marni, Gucci, Bottega … and Coach! Have you seen that great Coach bag?”

Contrast the green with pastels—a modern twist on Easter-ish pinks and pales—or, as Julia happened to be modeling, mix it with navy for a subtle, sportier feel.

“Remember, Jean? When I told you, you need hunter green shoes with that pale blue Chloé skirt for fall?!” called out fashion director Anne Keane. It’s true, Anne had advised hunter green in fall 2013, and I had not taken her advice. If I had, I’d be wearing it at least through Christmas 2014 in full chicness. The lesson: Always. Listen. To the Lucky fashion department!

Phil Oh

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