Stock Up Now: Five Spring Classics Guranteed To Sell Out

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1. Khaki Trench Coats

Crazy versatile (think about it: how many outfits do you own that this coat wouldn't match?), flattering on all body types (hello, hourglass figure!) and so, so, so practical (it works for rain AND shine)—these are three of three million reasons a khaki trench belongs in every woman's spring wardrobe.

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The first warm-weather items to sell out every March are never of the faddish, straight-from-the-runway variety. Most people (who aren't Anna Dello Russo) don't decide whether or not they're willing to jump on a fashion trend until midseason; they need a few weeks to hem and haw over whether they can pull it off. In the meantime, they'll starting stocking up early on the five timeless styles in the slideshow above, sure things that always look good, no matter what's "in."

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