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Click through to get to know 31 of the most stylish women in technology—just be prepared to be amazed by their moxie.
Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar

First up, meet our helpers, Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar.

Backstory: Writers, editors, and digital media veterans, MacNicol and Sklar first worked together at The Huffington Post, where Sklar founded the site's 'Eat the Press' blog, after which they teamed up again to help launch Mediaite in 2009, before launching The in 2013.

Fun fact: They're both Canadian! Claim to Fame: Ardent networkers, MacNicol and Sklar are dedicated to increasing the visibility, access and opportunity for women across industries, which is why we we would have been remiss to not ask for their help in compiling this list.

Style Trademark: Matte red lipstick and vintage silk jumpsuits for MacNicol; eye-catching dresses and an enviable head of wavy chestnut hair (which she regularly donates to Locks of Love!) for Sklar.

Sheryl Sandberg

Backstory: Sheryl graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College as the top graduating student in economics, from where she was recruited to work at the World Bank as acclaimed economist Larry Summers' research assistant.

Claim to Fame: After spending seven years at Google, Sheryl Sandberg left to join Facebook to fulfill one job: make Facebook profitable, which it became in 2010. Four years, $68 billion and one massive book deal (Lean In) later, Sheryl is commonly regarded as one of the most important tech fixtures in the world.

Style Trademark: Clean and crisp shift dresses in bright colors.

Safra Catz

Backstory: Safra earned both a bachelor's degree and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, after which she ventured into banking before getting right to it: she joined Oracle in 1999.

Claim to Fame: As Oracle's longtime CFO, she is credited for spearheading its 2005 takeover of software rival PeopleSoft-a $10.3 billion takeover. In 2011, she was the highest-paid woman among all Fortune 1,000 companies.

Style Trademark: Impeccably tailored jackets.

Marissa Mayer

Backstory: After graduating with honors from Stanford University, Marissa joined Google as its 20th employee and first female engineer in 1999. In her 13 years with the company, she did everything from heading design to managing product. She ended her tenure there as vice president of search products and user experience.

Claim to Fame: Marissa joined Yahoo as its President and CEO in July 2012, and shortly thereafter became the first woman to nab the number one spot on Fortune magazine's annual top 40 business stars under 40 list.

Style Trademark: A host of boardroom-ready separates, with a penchant for American designers like Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors.

Rachel Haot

Backstory: As a lifelong New Yorker, Rachel graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a degree in history. In 2006, she founded GroundReport, a crowdsourced news start-up that was one of the earliest examples of global citizen journalism. She currently serves as Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Technology for New York State under Governor Cuomo

Claim to Fame: In 2011, Rachel and former New York Mayor Bloomberg launched the City's first Digital Roadmap, which laid out 40 technical initiatives which have been and will be completed for the City.

Style Trademark: Fitted, feminine blazers.

Melissa Grillo Aruz
Backstory: Melissa joined the premier, invite-only shopping website Gilt Groupe in 2009, when she launched the platform's first online marketing programs (think: social media, SEO, etc.) for its merchandise. Claim to Fame: In 2010, Melissa establish Aruz Ventures, an independent consulting group which develops marketing strategies for e-commerce brands; her impressive roster of clients now includes J.Crew, Madwell, Warby Parker, Birchbox and Moda Operandi. Style Trademark: Silk blouses and plenty of prints.
Juliet Seniff

Backstory: A Michigan native, Juliet got her comedic chops at L.A.'s Upright Citizens Brigade—the Harvard, if you will, of all sketch comedic locations

Claim to Fame: As a producer and sketch writer for Will Ferrell's comedy website Funny or Die, Juliet directs, edits and produces all the laugh-inducing content that makes its way onto the site. You can also catch her at UCB, at which she performs monthly.

Style Trademark: The power of the classic, striped tee.

Julie Larson-Green

Backstory: Julie graduated with a degree in business administration from Western Washington University. She then taught herself programming before achieving a Master's in Software Engineering.

Claim to Fame: In 2009, Julie oversaw the critically acclaimed launch of Microsoft operating system, Windows 7. Three years later, she was promoted to be the head of all Windows' hardware engineering and software.

Style Trademark: Consistency: she almost never strays from her shoulder-skimming bob and layered bangs.

Chloe Sladden

Backstory: Three Stanford degrees already under her belt, Chloe started off her career in consulting giant Booz Allen Hamilton's media and entertainment sector.

Claim to Fame: Chloe's first foray into Twitter was during the 2008 impressive debates, after which she lent her social media moxie to majorly tweeted about events like MTV's Video Music Awards. Anytime you use a hashtag or a "@" reply in a tweet? Yep. That's (mostly) her doing.

Style Trademark: Slim-cut trousers and nipped-waist jackets.

Rachelle Hruska

Backstory: After college, Rachelle moved to New York to work in finance for more than two years before she co-founded the new media website Guest of a Guest with Cameron Winklevoss. (Yes, of the Facebook Winklevosses.)

Claim to Fame: Since its inception in 2007, Guest of a Guest has covered high society events, people and places in locations like New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Rachelle's media attention has been equally buzzy, gaining recognition in 2009 (via the New York Post) as the "Queen Bee" of this era's digital writers.

Style Trademark: Her custom-made Cynthia Rowley wedding dress was dyed iridescent blue at the bottom "to look like a seashell."

Natalia Oberti Noguera

Backstory: Natalia's résumé includes a hearty dose of both nonprofit work, entrepreneurship and female empowerment involvement—all of which contribute equally to what she does in her current venture. Plus, she's fluent in five languages and holds three degrees, too.

Claim to Fame: The Pipeline Fellowship trains women philanthropists to become angel investors. As she told Forbes: "It would be so powerful to show women philanthropists that they can use their money in a positive way in supporting women-led social ventures."

Style Trademark: Looking effortlessly chic in minimalist neutrals.

Lauren Drell

Backstory: With degrees from both the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern under her belt, Lauren began her career at Dylan's Candy Bar before joining Mashable as an assistant editor at 2011. That's right, she worked her way all the way to the top.

Claim to Fame: She currently holds two full-time jobs (yes, two): her Mashable gig, and social media strategist at the delicious, New York-based restaurant chain Luke's Lobster.

Style Trademark: The perfect shade of surfer-chic, sun-kissed blonde and a love of prints.

Lindsey Green

Backstory: Prior to being named VP at PR powerhouse SKDKnickerbocker in July 2013, Lindsey began working with Kinda Sorta Media to expand their start-up PR component. She also founded her own PR start-up consulting firm, Ti14th, in addition to a brief stint as Jill Stuart's Director of Communications.

Claim to Fame: Lindsey's writing has appeared in New York Magazine, Deadspin, Fashionista and Forbes, and was named by Muckrack as one of the top five PR professionals in 2011.

Style Trademark: Her tireless support of up-and-coming designers.

Erie Meyer & Aminatou Sow

Backstory: There are women in technology, and Erie and Aminatou are here to prove the skeptics wrong with Tech LadyMafia, their listserv and membership group for current and prospective female techies.

Claim to Fame: Having been named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Technology this year, Erie and Aminatou's TLM memberships and reader-base has now spread to nearly 1,000 women in everywhere from California to China.

Style Trademark: Erie's artfully layered 'do, Aminatou's pattern-mixing prowess.

Kathryn Minshew & Alex Cavoulacos

Backstory: In 2011, Kathryn and Alex launched The Muse (formerly called The Daily Muse), a career-development website that brings you career and job search advice via a new, original platform.

Claim to Fame: All eyes are on these entrepreneurs: the co-founders have been named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Media list numerous years in a row, as well nabbing a spot on Inc.'s 15 Women to Watch in Tech in 2012.

Style Trademark: They both know the importance of a strong, red lip.

Jocelyn Leavitt

Backstory: Raised in Hawaii, Jocelyn received degrees from both Dartmouth College and Columbia University Business School, after which she taught history and worked in real estate.

Claim to Fame: With Hopscotch, Jocelyn developed the first-ever coding program (via a mobile app) for children that has been winning all sorts of national awards. Oh, and if you follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram, you'll definitely recognize her face; the two have been best friends since college.

Style Trademark: Long, layered necklaces and a freckled complexion we'd pay to have.

Jessica Bennett

Backstory: Where hasn't Jessica worked? Let's see, she's been an executive at and contributed to: Tumblr, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Atlantic and Time, among others.

Claim to Fame: Jessica's career has earned her a whole slew of awards, including three web awards from the New York Press Club and four-time winner of the Newswomen's Club of New York's for best gender coverage. Plus, she's work BFFs with a certain Sheryl Sandberg—ever heard of her?

Style Trademark: Glasses and graphic prints.

Pavia Rosati & Jeralyn Gerba

Backstory: Pavia and Jeralyn first worked together as members of the original team that created Daily Candy. Post-Daily Candy, they created Fathom, a new type of travel site facilitates your travel planning process in a different way. Users search by what they are traveling for, whether it be for "quirk," "romance," or "scenery."

Claim to Fame: The site also won the bronze medal for Best Online Travel Journalism Site in 2013 by the Society of American Travel Writers. They also collaborated with Kate Spade in 2012 to bring Spade-themed city guides, with locations including Charleston, Capri and Toronto.

Style Trademark: The duo are travel enthusiasts (obviously), so expect to see items picked up on their adventures incorporated into their looks.

Emily Gannett

Backstory: We're not going to pretend that we're not thoroughly impressed with Emily's NYU degree from its acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts—but what's even more impressive is that she took her cinema studies degree to an uncharted level within marketing.

Claim to Fame: IRL Productions is the firm behind large brands' talked-about events, which include Kraft and Pepsi's parties at SXSW and Davos, the World Economic Forum.

Style Trademark: Wrap dresses.

ms picked up on their adventures incorporated into their looks.

Claire Mazur & Erica Cerulo

Backstory: Claire and Erica met as undergraduates at University of Chicago in 2002, during which they bonded over their shared love of fashion, magazines and business. After moving to New York following graduation, both held a variety of jobs before founding Of a Kind in November 2010.

Claim to Fame: Of a Kind introduces up-and-coming fashion designers to a widespread, e-commerce market. This allows young labels to grow and develop a brand while still commissioning and retailing merchandise.

Style Trademark: They both share an unparalleled eye for scouting new designers.

Christina Wallace

Backstory: This Michigan native applied her Emory University and Harvard Business School education to an early career in consulting and the arts, having worked at BCG and the Metropolitan Opera before joining Startup Institute.

Claim to Fame: At Startup Institute, Christina helps recent graduates and young professionals transition into a career in the startup sector thanks to a proven, impressive eight-week career accelerator.

Style Trademark: Statement necklaces.

Brooke Moreland

Backstory: At just 27, Brooke founded Fashism, an app that became the premier means for fashion sharing and discovery. She also joined enterprise software leader Fashion GPS as its general manager in 2012.

Claim to Fame: As Gett's marketing fearless leader, it is Brooke's role to keep NYC's premier black car application relevant and widespread. Also worthy of note: Brooke's Twitter bio describes herself as a cross-between Beyonce and Gwyneth.

Style Trademark: Throw-on-and-go dresses by independent designers.

Bea Arthur

Backstory: With two degrees (from Emerson College and Columbia's Teachers College) under her belt, Bea a worked as a domestic violence specialist and vocational counselor in New York before launching Pretty Padded Room—which offers licensed therapists and counselors online in a way made affordable easy, just for women.

Claim to Fame: As both a psychotherapist and entrepreneur and with an impressive therapy background (topics of expertise ranging from addicts in recovery to survivors of domestic violence), Bea is changing the way therapy is conducted for women.

Style Trademark: Pencil skirts.

Amanda Steinberg

Backstory: In 1999, Amanda graduated from Columbia with a degree in Urban Planning, after which she spent two years at the American Civil Liberties Union before founding Soapbxx, a start-up which builds websites and community platforms.

Claim to Fame: Amanda filled a niche with DailyWorth, which, founded in 2009, serves a growing community of women who come to the site to discuss money.

Style Trademark: Polished, minimalist separates topped with layered necklaces.

Ginni Rometty

Backstory: Ginni graduated from Northwestern University with degrees in both computer science and electrical engineering, which served her well in the first job at General Motors, followed by time at IBM as a systems engineer.

Claim to Fame: After rising through the ranks at IBM, Ginni was named the company's president and CEO in 2011. Also worth noting: she is acclaimed for programming Watson, the Jeopardy! playing computer.

Style Trademark: Her perfectly polished blonde bob.

Nicole Sanchez
Founder, Tender Caring
Backstory: A Harvard College and Harvard Business School grad, Nicole spent five years as a management consultant before her experience navigating the eldercare market for her grandfather led her to start her own business. She's now the founder of TenderCaring, "a platform that empowers seniors to stay in their homes through reliable, high quality caregiving and task assistance services."
Claim to Fame: Just months after deciding to launch her own company, Nicole beat out some tough competitors to win #FOCUS100's pitch competition.

Style Trademark: Printed pants, crazy cool colors, fantastic hair