The Hills Is Becoming A Broadway Musical!

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The Greatest Reality Show of Our Time—MTV's The Hills—is becoming a Broadway musical! Click through for a first look at the production's poster.
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As teenagers coming of age in the mid-aughts, we never missed an episode of MTV's classic reality show The Hills. When Lauren and Whitney scored their dream internships at Teen Vogue, we cheered. When Audrina hooked up with Justin Bobby, the scraggly-haired troublemaker with two first names, we begged her to reconsider. And whenever a frenemy-fueled confrontation went down at then-scorching LA hot spot Les Deux (RIP), we were on the edge of our seats.

So imagine how thrilled we were to learn that The Greatest Reality Show of Our Time (sorry, Jersey Shore) is becoming—wait for it—a full-blown musical. This morning, we received a press release confirming that production on The Hills: The Musical is already underway, with previews tentatively slated to begin in October 2014. While casting is currently in progress for the roles of protagonist Lauren, office comrade Whitney and, er, token brunette Audrina, the release claims that the show's villains, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, have signed on to play themselves. Makes sense, as we're not quite sure what else those two have going on at the moment (Heidi's clothing line Heidiwood tragically lasted less than a year).

It gets even better, however: while The Hills: The Musical's production team is still hard at work on the show's score, the press mailing shared the titles of just a few tracks that will be included. Yes, come next October, you can look forward to hearing tunes like "The Ballad of Justin Bobby," "Lauren Didn't Go to Paris" and "You Know What You Did" belted out on the Great White Way. Suffice it to say that The Hills are most definitely alive with the sound of music.

Click through above for a first look at The Hills: The Musical's official poster!

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